Minke strands

A young Minke whale 6.40 metres in length was stranded on Omey Island, County Galway 25/11/2015.Prior to its stranding a pelagic factory trawler, FV Margiris was fishing off the Galway west coast. In Ireland there is no post mortem scheme to determine the cause of death of whales and dolphins even though such strandings areContinue reading “Minke strands”

Coastal Otters

Coastal otters live along the seashore of Clew Bay’s islands. Sometimes they can be observed in the quieter parts of Clew bay if you are observant and learn how to approach otters without disturbing them among the islands. In the 1990’s I spent several months observing otters  to watch and photograph otter behaviour. I learnedContinue reading “Coastal Otters”

Wild Atlantic Charters in Clew Bay, County Mayo

Wild Atlantic Charters is set up by marine biologist and photographer Shay Fennelly to explore Clew Bay’s Island archipelago wildlife and marine environment.

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