Coastal Otters

Coastal otters live along the seashore of Clew Bay’s islands. Sometimes they can be observed in the quieter parts of Clew bay if you are observant and learn how to approach otters without disturbing them among the islands. In the 1990’s I spent several months observing otters  to watch and photograph otter behaviour. I learned how to approach otters by being silent on the seashore. Otters have relatively poor eyesight, a superb sense of smell and excellent hearing. So if you are silent, still, upwind it is possible to get close to otters if they are fishing. In Clew Bay they dive under the water searching the seaweed and reefs looking for prey like small fish,eels and crabs. To find otters on the coast requires patience and time. Learn how to watch and find signs of otter activity and help survey otters in Clew Bay. Come for an otter watch with marine biologist Shay Fennelly exploring Clew Bay’s seashore for a day (50euro per person) or half day (30euro per person). For further information or to book an otter watch call 0834658374.

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