Herring arrive in Clew Bay

While fishing with some French visitors from Arles, they caught the first herring I have seen in Clew Bay. Known to come into the bay in the autumn fishermen fished at night with nets to catch the shoals of herring. Back in the 1970’s there was a herring fishery off Mayo, but it was overfished.Continue reading “Herring arrive in Clew Bay”

Grey seal pupping season

On a recent trip (22/10/2016) out in Clew Bay I discovered some Grey Seal pups. Each pup was a “whitecoat,” perhaps two weeks old on the rocky shore of a small islet. An adult female was present nearby resting in the seaweed fringe. A Bull Grey Seal was also loitering near the female. Common SealsContinue reading “Grey seal pupping season”

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