Otter cub found on the marsh

A phone call alerted me to an otter on the roadside verge of Claggan marsh. I arrived half an hour later to see an otter cub curled up in the grass at the roadside, like a baby leveret in a grass form. I left the cub where it was. Thinking a female may be near by. I returned 5 hours later in the night. The cub hadn’t moved. I went for assistance. When we got back the cub was out on the public road. Attracted by the van lights it came toward us. I put a basket over it an scooped it up into the back of the van. Back at the cottage I opened the van. The otter was hiding among coats and boxes that fill my van. I attempted to catch the pup. It eluded me by climbing in between the panelling in the back of the van. I left it for an hour. Visions of a dead otter brought me out to undo the panelling and get the cub in a box. Then I released the cub onto the green road outside the cottage. The cub creeped away into the bushes. At 3am I was awoken by otter whistling. I thought great the female has found the cub. An hour later more whistling. This time just outside the cottage. I got up and found the cub under the van. I coaxed the cub out and out it in the box and brought it inside. Next morning I went to the supermarket and bought 6 herring. The otter cub once it recognised it as food ate with gusto. Later in the day I brought it to two friendly vets who gave it a rehydration injection and a vitamin boost. The vets sexed, measured and weighed the cub, a female, 1734grams. I guessed about 6 months old. Otter cubs stay with there mothers for a year. Unfortunately work prevented me from learning more about this beautiful otter and it is now in an animal sanctuary Animal Magic, for the next six months.

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