Plastic everywhere – the Wild Atlantic Way

how will plastic be cleaned from our seas and land?

Early May in Clew Bay, mackerel in

The first two weeks in May are often some of the best weather of the year. 2017 has delivered. On the evening of 10/05/2017 I caught my first Mackerel too, four lovely adult fish 30cm and bigger. Easterly winds in the first week kept the temperatures cool but the warmth is back in the sun.Continue reading “Early May in Clew Bay, mackerel in”

Underwater noise and the protection of whales and dolphins

I am interested in acoustics and how man made underwater noise may impact on marine mammals. The link is to an article I wrote about it in 2014. Marine mammals depend on sound to communicate, find fish to eat and find their way in the ocean. Is it cruel to bombard them with highContinue reading “Underwater noise and the protection of whales and dolphins”

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