Plastic everywhere – the Wild Atlantic Way

Clew Bay evening 25052017
The sun came but didn’t stay very long – Clew Bay looking to Corraun peninsula and Mulranny 23/05/2017 Photo © Shay Fennelly/Aquaphoto

Almost anywhere you go in Ireland on its Wild Atlantic Way you will see plastic. Stroll almost any beach or cove enter any field. It is everywhere. Why do we accept this complete blot on the environment. Its not that we are blind. Plastic does not degrade it just gets smaller and smaller. The fish and whales eat it, thinking its food. Its a big problem now and its going to be an even bigger problem in the not too distant future as its environmental effect results in die off of marine life. We really are destroying this planet now. The Marine Strategy Framework Directive aims to protect the marine environment more effectively across Europe. In March 2012, the Marine Institute appointed RPS consultants as expert advisor and project partner in a €3m contract to ensure Ireland meets its obligations regarding implemention. The plastic in the ocean will be still here when we are long gone. Much of the plastic packaging for our food could be reduced. A plastic bottle levy could be introduced like the successful plastic bag levy.


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