Clew bay, sunshine, wind, and mackerel

Elise and Clémence fishing in Clew Bay, County Mayo onboard
Elise and Clémence fishing onboard “Rebecca” in Clew Bay 06/06/2017 Photo Shay Fennelly/Wild Atlantic Charters

Two french ladies Elise and Clémence joined me onboard “Rebecca” for a sea trip among the islands in Clew Bay over the June Bank holiday. We explored some of the islands and fished for some mackerel in the lee of Inishgort lighhouse. Clémence caught her first fish and got some practise driving the boat. We saw several species of sea gulls and terns with the nesting season on many of the islands in full flow. We watched Common seals and some Grey seals in Westport Bay and spotted one recently born Common seal so far this breeding season. These seals come to shore during June to give birth and mate again around this time but usually in the water. Pups are capable of swimming within a few hours of being born but stay with their mother until weaned. On the way home we saw an otter fishing near Claggan.

Elise&Clermance 06062017LR
Fresh Mackerel from Clew Bay for  dinner! Photo Shay Fennelly/Wild Atlantic Charters

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  1. Myself and my sister went on this boat trip with Shay, it was very nice. He showed us beautiful places and gave us a lots of explanations about the wildlife in clew bay and it was very interesting. We had a nice time so I would recommend this activity to anyone who loves the combination of nature and boat trip ! Thanks Shay !
    Elise & Clémence

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