Grey Seals in Clew Bay

Grey Seal, Westport Bay, County Mayo. 22/10/2016
Adults female Grey Seal

The Grey Seal is also present in Clew Bay. Larger than the Common Seal they breed in October. Grey Seals only occur in small numbers in inner Clew Bay, scattered on rocky islets in ones or twos. During the breeding season I have come across an occasional Grey Seal pup on rocky islets until they have moulted and lost their whitecoat.

Grey seal pup Cb24102016
24/10/2016 Grey Seal pup with ‘whitecoat’
Grey Seal pup CBSF 30102016
30/10/2016 Grey Seal pup moulting whitecoat
Grey Seals in Clew Bay 19/03/2016
16/03/2016 Grey Seals bull (right) 2.5–3.3 metres long and weighing up to 300 kilograms and cow (left) 1.6–2.0 metres long and 100–150 kilograms weight (NPWS).

Ireland’s two species of seals, the Common Seal and the Grey Seal are strictly protected  under the Wildlife (Amendment) Act 1976-2005, all cetaceans and seals are protected species listed on the 5th Schedule. In Ireland, the 1992 the EC (Natural Habitats) Regulations requires that both seal species and all cetaceans occurring in Ireland are maintained at favourable conservation status.

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