Bottlenose dolphins in Mayo

It takes time and effort to learn what marine mammals are present off the Mayo coast. One collaborative effort involving Dutch, Norwegian, English and Irish scientists occurred between 2008-2009 off the Galway and Mayo coast.

Bottlenose dolphins in Connemara and Mayo 2008-2009. Movement patterns between two coastal areas in the west of Ireland.

A total of 46 dedicated and 33 opportunistic boat-based surveys were conducted in the coastal waters off Connemara and Mayo in 2008 and 2009, resulting in 31 encounters with groups of bottlenose dolphins. Between the two coastal areas, a total of 201 photo-identification records of dolphins were obtained, resulting in a minimum number of 177 individual dolphins identified. More dolphins were observed in northwest Mayo (n=179, 89% of the total number of identifications) than in Connemara (n=92, 46%). (Report to NPWSPDF icon Oudejans_et_al_2010_Bottlenose_dolphins_in Connemara_and_Mayo.pdf )


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