Mackerel in Clew Bay on May 12th.


Clew Bay pano 12 May 2018 LR
A panoramic view from “Rebecca” near Inishoo in Clew Bay 12th Mayo 2018 Photo Shay Fennelly
Kevin has a horse and gives trips in a horse and carriage in Westport town. Kevin is a seaman and also a keen observer of nature. Kevin told me the moon jelly fish have arrived in Clew Bay. Signs of fish in the bay, gannets and terns searching for fish. I went out later today and caught my first two mackerel of 2018! Thanks Kevin for the tip. I struck it lucky near Inishgort just after the evening high tide. Then I went to Westport Bay to see the Common Seals who pup in late May. No sign of any early pups among the 20 or so seals at Stone Island.
Mackerel fillets


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