Ireland’s government spending more on greyhound and horse racing than on nature conservation

20110514_gannets_feeding_frenzy_The Irish Wildlife Trust submission to Budget 2018 found that the most recent figures available indicate that the National Parks and Wildlife Service was in receipt of just over €17 million in 2016.

For comparison purposes, and perhaps reflecting the priority given to our natural heritage over other interests, the Greyhound Racing Bord received €16 million of public money in 2017 while Horse Racing Ireland got its hands on a massive €64 million.

Indeed the funding to NPWS is dwarfed by the nearly €41 million given to An Bord Bia, the agency which markets Irish food and drink throughout the world as ‘green’ and ‘sustainable’.

We cannot blame lack of resources for failing to address our ‘not green’ and unsustainable way of treating Ireland’s environment. It is the current generations responsibility to change our future. The choice is yours.  source:

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