Clew Bay, 30 December 2018. The sea is warming around Ireland.

Clew Bay
20032018 Clew Bay from Claggan, Kilmeena, County Mayo, Ireland.

It is almost the last day of 2018 on the shores of Clew Bay, on Ireland’s west coast.The weather is unusually mild. Its dry and the temperature is 10 degrees and a gentle breeze is blowing from the south west. This afternoon I saw a flock of teal, a greenshank and five Curlews on a walk down by the sea shore.We have had the best summer in years and a mild winter so far. Curiously the fleet of fishing vessels that is normally fishing due west of Achill Island is absent and it is not due to bad weather. Where are the mackerel that they normally catch at this time if year? Perhaps they will appear next month in January. Another possibility is that the sea temperature is so warm that the fish are migrating further north. The recently published Stock Book for 2017 shows that the mean annual temperature of the Rockall Trough increased from ~9.3°C in 2001 to a peak 10.1°C in 2006.

Gannets feeding on Blue whiting off the west coast of Ireland

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