Clew Bay – help record its Biodiversity

Clew Bay islands, County Mayo
Croagh Patrick January 2019, County Mayo, Ireland.

Clew Bay’s iconic mountain Croagh Patrick in the grip of winter is a pleasure to see if you live around the bay or in Westport. The Bay itself is stunning to see if you ever make it up to Croagh Patrick’s summit, a myriad of 140 small islands or treat yourself to Michael Cusack’s book, “Croagh Patrick and the islands of Clew Bay”. If you would like to help record the flora and fauna of Clew Bay start today by keeping a notebook and write down what you see. Species, location date and time. Its not difficult. You can also do it online using the National Biodiversity Data Centre website at this link.

You will be following in the steps of that great naturalist Robert Lloyd Praeger who carried out the Clare Island Survey 1909-1915. With his colleagues they surveyed the flora and fauna of Clare island and also did some of the inner islands in Clew Bay. But even though Clew Bay is designated as a Special Area of Conservation and a NATURA 2000 site by the National Parks and Wildlife Service there has been no consistent effort to record its biodiversity currently. But if you are interested begin today and submit your records to the NBDC.

Clew Bay, County Mayo - 140 small  islands. Ireland.
Clew Bay’s island archipelago is home to the elusive Otter which lives on the small fish and crustaceans which live in the seaweed fringing all the small islands

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