Islands biodiversity on a March day in Clew Bay 07032019

Hares, Otter, Barnacle geese, Turnstones, Great Northern Divers, Red Breasted Mergansers, Cormorants, Oystercatchers, Pied Wagtail, Rock Pipit.

Irish Hare on island in Clew Bay, County Mayo
Irish Hare on island in Clew Bay, County Mayo 07032019

Recording biodiversity

It was a fresh windy day today in Clew Bay. I took advantage of the the shelter from the north west wind by hugging the south side of the islands. I island hopped my way around Westport Bay and landed on a favourite island. I saw my first otter of 2019. Fishing in the tide just 50 metres off the island shore. She swam north landed on the island cobble ran up on to a boulder and sprainted. Then she disappeared hidden by the seashore rocks. I waited twenty minutes and landed on the island anchoring the boat. I scanned the seashore and saw no sign of the otter. I walked part of the island perimeter and spotted a possible holt. I sat and watched. But no sign of the otter.

A hare came towards me as I lay on the grass sheltering behind a hummock. The hare went down onto the cobbestones of the seashore and basked in the morning sunshine.

Hare flattens itself on the seashore to hide 07032019

I walked the island shore to see if the otter was fishing further along the seashore. No sign of the otter suggested a female nursing cubs in my imagination. I will come back another day soon. Walking back to the boat I noticed a flock of Barnacle geese feeding on the sheep grazed island. I tried to count them but without a scope it was impossible. Try counting in flight. Join me for a day recording biodiversity in Clew Bay.

Clew Bay, County Mayo
A flock of Barnacle Geese (116) flyng in to graze on an island in Clew Bay, County Mayo 07032019
Otter swimming in the sea near Dorinish, Clew Bay, County Mayo 07032019
Otter swimming in sea near Dorinish, Clew Bay, County Mayo. 07032019
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