Common Seals in Clew Bay 02082019

Females give birth to a single pup in June or July each year. Pups are very well developed at birth and can swim and dive when just a few hours old. This enables common seals to breed in estuaries where sand- banks are exposed for only part of the day. Mothers feed their young with an extremely rich milk and pups grow rapidly, doubling their birth weight during the three or four weeks that they suckle. Common seals eat a wide variety of fish, including herring, sand eels, whiting and flatfish. Shrimps and squid are also sometimes eaten.

The mackerel are in among the islands. Fishing near Inishoo at high tide Emer caught her first mackerel. Willie and Ivan caught several as well and will dine well come breakfast time.

Common Seals In Westport Bay Photo Shay Fennelly

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