Common Seals in Clew Bay 02082019

Females give birth to a single pup in June or July each year. Pups are very well developed at birth and can swim and dive when just a few hours old. This enables common seals to breed in estuaries where sand- banks are exposed for only part of the day. Mothers feed their young withContinue reading “Common Seals in Clew Bay 02082019”

Common seal pups and mackerel in Clew Bay

Sleeping Common Seal adult with two pups, on an island in Westport Bay, County Mayo 2018 Boat trip to the seal colony in Clew Bay Ireland has two species of seal. The Common or Harbour seal and the Grey seal. Clew Bay  is  a Natura 2000 site and has both species but the Common sealContinue reading “Common seal pups and mackerel in Clew Bay”

Common Seals in Clew Bay

One of the most interesting marine mammals in Clew Bay is the Common Seal. Clew Bay’s archipelago of islands hosts a number of seal haul outs where seals can be seen from passing boats. Common seals come to shore during June to give birth and mate again around this time but usually in the water.Continue reading “Common Seals in Clew Bay”

First Spring days 2017

Rebecca (5.8m) ready for exploring the islands and wildlife in Clew Bay from Rosmoney, Westport, County Mayo. Photo Liamy McNally 2017 Today 26 March was a beautiful sunny spring day out in Clew Bay. An easterly wind kept the temperature to a coolish 11 degrees centigrade. No fish biting today off Inishoo. Brent Geese areContinue reading “First Spring days 2017”

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