Underwater noise and the protection of whales and dolphins

I am interested in acoustics and how man made underwater noise may impact on marine mammals. The link is to an article I wrote about it in 2014. http://issuu.com/inshoreirelandpublishing/docs/10.2_issuu/20 Marine mammals depend on sound to communicate, find fish to eat and find their way in the ocean. Is it cruel to bombard them with highContinue reading “Underwater noise and the protection of whales and dolphins”

Return to Erris Head

I first visited Erris Head by bicycle back in the 1990’s. In 1993 I was back on the International Federation of Animal Welfare’s whale research yacht, “Song of the Whale.” They came to support a project I was promoting in Mayo to build an Ocean visitor centre in Blacksod Bay. The idea was to tellContinue reading “Return to Erris Head”

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