2018 Serial storms hit Clew Bay

January is the month of serial winter storms. Clew Bay’s inner islands protect the coast between Westport and Newport from the wrath of these North Atlantic storms. Bertra, the local Blue flag beach at the foot of Croagh Patrick has been hard hit again. A boulder beach has covered the tarmac access road to theContinue reading “2018 Serial storms hit Clew Bay”

World Ocean Day, 8th June 2017

Ireland is a small island surrounded by water. Not many Irish people appreciate that simple fact. It has a huge impact on our lives but its a blindspot for many. To live healthily we need clean land and seas. Currently we pollute the sea and the land. Plastic is everywhere. Just a thought – thinkContinue reading “World Ocean Day, 8th June 2017”

Harbour Porpoise in Clew Bay 2017

Discover Ireland’s smallest whale in Clew Bay

April sunshine in Clew Bay

Two days of sunshine in early April saw “Rebecca” make a passage to Murrisk pier from Rosmoney via Crovinish and Inishraher. Blue skies and sunshine were welcome after weeks of grey cloud and rain. Air temperature was about 10 degrees, not yet shorts weather. Common seals were basking on the rocks enroute near Carrickawart. WeContinue reading “April sunshine in Clew Bay”

Herring arrive in Clew Bay

While fishing with some French visitors from Arles, they caught the first herring I have seen in Clew Bay. Known to come into the bay in the autumn fishermen fished at night with nets to catch the shoals of herring. Back in the 1970’s there was a herring fishery off Mayo, but it was overfished.Continue reading “Herring arrive in Clew Bay”

Clew Bay – island archipelago


Otter asleep

Last Sunday on my way home I noticed a dark shape on a rock, suspecting an otter. Getting closer I realized it was an otter asleep on a reef. Clew Bay is a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) where the management objective is to restore the favorable conservation condition of otters. Potential threats to otters in Clew Bay include disturbance from hum an activities from pot fishing, loss of habitat and lethal roadkill.

Coastal Otters

Coastal otters live along the seashore of Clew Bay’s islands. Sometimes they can be observed in the quieter parts of Clew bay if you are observant and learn how to approach otters without disturbing them among the islands. In the 1990’s I spent several months observing otters  to watch and photograph otter behaviour. I learnedContinue reading “Coastal Otters”

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