Inishgort Lighthouse

Inishgort lighthouse, Clew Bay. Photo by Shay Fennelly Copyright 2016

Inishgort lighthouse in Clew Bay marks the entrance channel to Westport and to Rosmoney where there are visitor moorings for yachts and Rosmoney pier and pontoon.

Position: 53°49.594′ North 09°40.259′ West

The lighthouse tower was originally built in 1806. The flash length of the lighthouse flashes every  10s. The light was converted to solar power in July 2000.

Vessels heading  in days past were met by a ships pilot from the Gibbons family living on nearby Inishlyre Island, who guided them through the winding channel to Westport quays. The lighthouse in 2016 needs some repairs on its west facing wall before the winter storms arrive. Recent years have seen the sea take the north west sea defences.

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