Explore Clew Bay’s islands in County Mayo

Clew Bay

Come and explore Clew Bay’s islands and wildlife in “Rebecca” with Wild Atlantic Charters marine biologist Shay Fennelly. You can book by calling mobile:0834658374

“Rebecca” is 5.8metres long with a P2 license for 4 passengers issued by the Department of Transport Marine Surveyors Office. Fishing and wildlife Boat trips in Clew Bay are 50 euro per person  for a day (5hrs) and 30 euro per person for half a day in the morning or evening (2.5-3hrs).

‘Rebecca’ P2 and P4 licensed passenger boat
‘Rebecca’ is a P2 and P4 licensed passenger boat, safety boat, fishing trips,and ecotours in Clew Bay, County Mayo

Discover Clew Bay’s wildlife and 140 small islands, birdwatching, watch common seals, go mackerel fishing and learn about its human history from the Vikings, Granuaile to sea farming.

To book a morning or evening trip (2-3 hours) Call Shay at mob:0834658374


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