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Come and explore Clew Bay’s islands, catch a mackerel, watch its wildlife and learn about the islanders, oyster beds and aquaculture with marine biologist Shay Fennelly in “Rebecca.”

“Rebecca” is 5.8metres long and holds a P2 license for 4 passengers issued by the Department of Transport Marine Surveyors Office. Boat trips are 50 euro per person  for a day (5hrs) and 30 euro per person for half a day in the morning or evening (2.5-3hrs) from Rosmoney pier GPS (53.821226,-9.628658).

You can book by calling mobile:0834658374 Contact Shay Fennelly

Rebecca - Wild Atlantic Charters
Rebecca 19ft (5.8metres)

Clew Bay – island archipelago

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Clew Bay’s island archipelago, in County Mayo is a NATURA 2000 site. It is a Special Area of Conservation for its Otters and Common Seals, shallow bays and inlets, mudflats and sand flats,  coastal lagoons, and shifting sand dunes. Photo Shay Fennelly/Aquaphoto


Otter asleep

Otter asleep at low tide on reef, Clew Bay, County Mayo, Ireland.
Otter asleep at low tide on reef, Clew Bay, County Mayo, Ireland.15/05/2015

Last Sunday on my way home I noticed a dark shape on a rock, suspecting an otter. Getting closer I realized it was an otter asleep on a reef. Clew Bay is a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) where the management objective is to restore the favorable conservation condition of otters. Potential threats to otters in Clew Bay include disturbance from human activities from pot fishing,  loss of habitat and lethal roadkill.

Minke strands

A young Minke whale 6.40 metres in length was stranded on Omey Island, County Galway 25/11/2015.Prior to its stranding a pelagic factory trawler, FV Margiris was fishing off the Galway west coast. In Ireland there is no post mortem scheme to determine the cause of death of whales and dolphins even though such strandings are at an all time high.

Coastal Otters

Coastal otters live along the seashore of Clew Bay’s islands. Sometimes they can be observed in the quieter parts of Clew bay if you are observant and learn how to approach otters without disturbing them among the islands. In the 1990’s I spent several months observing otters  to watch and photograph otter behaviour. I learned how to approach otters by being silent on the seashore. Otters have relatively poor eyesight, a superb sense of smell and excellent hearing. So if you are silent, still, upwind it is possible to get close to otters if they are fishing. In Clew Bay they dive under the water searching the seaweed and reefs looking for prey like small fish,eels and crabs. To find otters on the coast requires patience and time. Learn how to watch and find signs of otter activity and help survey otters in Clew Bay. Come for an otter watch with marine biologist Shay Fennelly exploring Clew Bay’s seashore for a day (50euro per person) or half day (30euro per person). For further information or to book an otter watch call 0834658374.

All images are copyright Shay Fennelly 2016

Wild Atlantic Charters in Clew Bay, County Mayo

Come and join Marine biologist and photographer Shay Fennelly. Discover and explore Clew Bays maze of islands, learn how watch seals, try and catch a fish, look for coastal otters and enjoy the hidden island landscapes.

Contact         Mobile number: 0834658374

Clew Bay is a complex series of interlocking bays with many islands made up of glacially formed drumlins on the west coast of Ireland. Facing the North Atlantic Ocean the bay is said to have an island for every day of the year. This myriad of islands is designated as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) to protect its natural heritage which includes, its shallow bays and inlets, Common Seal colonies and Otters.
Address: Claggan, Kilmeena, Westport, County Mayo, Ireland.
All images copyright Shay Fennelly 2016


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